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Why become a Monthly Hero donor?

If Chabad House was once yours or your child's home, it still is! Help us to make a better Chabad House at Vanderbilt and to continue providing for the needs of Jewish students. By becoming a Monthly Hero your monthly donation is combined with others to make a real difference to what we can give to students. We truly appreciate anything you can contribute.

Why Now?

2 reasons:

1. So we can keep the Chabad House! We are renewing the Chabad house mortgage and need to have monthly income to cover the expense. The donor who covered the first 5 years of mortgage payments has completed his pledge. We now have to cover this monthly bill and need your help.

2. We will soon be launching a capital campaign to build a new Chabad House and many of our donors will be tied up with that. We need your help to keep Chabad House open and active during this unique time of growth.

What is the Rohr Chabad House at Vanderbilt?

Your Jewish home-away-from-home at Vanderbilt University. A group of people dedicated to connecting with every Jewish student on campus and providing an authentic and relatable Jewish experience for Vanderbilt students.

Who does the Chabad House serve?

From freshmen at their first Friday night dinner on campus to our graduating Senior leaders, every student knows that Chabad House is here to serve them. In any way they need. Every step of the way. Massive Rosh Hashanah dinners on Alumni lawn, Passover Seders for over 250 students, and the warm family-style Shabbat dinners we host every Friday night are just a few of the ways we help facilitate a vibrant and meaningful Jewish life on campus. Chabad House is a home.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation will help Chabad cover the foundational "we'd shut down without this" expenses.

$2,658 to cover Chabad House mortage

$2,000 to purchase food for Shabbat dinners

$642 for Chabad House utilities - to keep the lights on

Chabad's Growth

If you are an Alumni you may remember sitting with 5 students at Shabbat table, joining 50 for a Seder, going with 20 friends on Birthright or having to explain to your friends what Chabad is and why it is so much like a family.

Here are some amazing numbers. 300 students packed the tent for our annual Rosh Hashanah dinner on Alummni Lawn! Over 150 first year students have already been to Chabad events and this summer 70 Vanderbilt students went on Birthright with Chabad - we took 2 buses!

The family feel is still at the center and more people than ever before are joining Chabad, coming to Chabad events and loving what we have to offer.

Our goal is for 100 people to commit to monthly donations that will total $5,300

Be a Monthly Hero and make the amazing happen!

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