Dear Prospective Student,

    Are you looking for a university that is not too big and not too small, and has a highly regarded reputation? Are you looking for a campus that has a unique, eclectic, warm, tight knit Jewish community? Do you appreciate a Jewish community marked by cooperation, growth and acceptance rather than closed groups and labels? Are you looking to learn more about Judaism and become more involved in Jewish life? Are you looking for a phenomenal Shabbat atmosphere and exciting Holiday celebrations? A place you can enjoy Torah classes any day or evening of the week?  A kosher Kitchen? A place where you can get involved and make a difference to the wider Jewish campus community? Enough Jewish events in any given week that you have to make some serious choices?


    Choosing a campus is an important decision, one that can have a huge impact on your future. To help you make your decision we invite you to browse our site and familiarize yourself with the many programs and services the Chabad  Jewish Student Center has to offer you. There really is something for everyone.


    Leaving home is exciting but it can be scary too. It doesn’t have to be. Not when you know you have the Chabad House waiting for you on the other side and its doors are wide open.


    So let us know upon your acceptance, we will make sure to keep the light on for you!


Below please find links with some basic information about the Chabad House and Jewish life at large – at Vanderbilt University.

Rabbi Shlomo & Nechama Rothstein

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