jLearn is a learning program offering students focused five-week courses on campus aimed at exploring new realms of Jewish thought and philosophy. This unique program inspires and nurtures students who crave an intellectual grasp of Judaism. Whether it’s Jewish history, philosophy or digging beneath the surface of our rituals and traditions, jLearn focuses on the “why” and the “how,” and not just the “what” of Judaism. Participate in a course that interests YOU.

This semester we are presenting special classes geared toward what our student population wants to learn about.  Each class runs for 5 weeks in order to give us time to discuss each of these topics.  Our student body has spoken and this semester, Vanderbilt Chabad will offer:

Kabbalah for College:Need to know Jewish mysticism and spiritualirty.
  Sundays from 8pm-9pm       

From Hell to Heaven: What Judaism has to say about the afterlife.
Mondays from 4pm-5pm

Relationships: Attraction, Love, Hate, Like.
Wednesday from 8pm-9pm

Israel:I know it's important, but why?
Thursday from 4pm-5pm

The first week of each class will be enable students to get a feel for the program and then be able to register for the full course.  If you wish to register in advance, click the link below and let the learning begin.