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Mitzvah Campaigns

The Mitzvot (Commandments in the Torah) are the foundation of  Jewish tradition and life. Commanded by G‑d to the Jewish people and practiced and treasured throught the ages by our anscenstors a Mitzvah contains tremendous energy. It connects us to G‑d, to our history, to our people, and to our very essence.

Chabad wants to maske sure every Jewish student has the ability to tap in to the gift of Mitzvot. We run Mitzvah campaigns during every holiday to help as many students as possible perform the Mitzvot. 

On Rosh Hashanah Chabad does Shofar across campus, Rabbi Shlomo, Nechama and several students spread around Campus to sound the Shofar for any student that didn't hear it earlier at services. Chabad sets up Sukkot in several locations and helps students shake the Lulav and "dwell" in the Sukkah. Chabad had menorah tables where students could light their own Menorah in convenient locations. Megillah readings are arranged for Purim and Hand made Shmurah matzoh is given out to students for use at their Seder if they're not planning on attending Chabads. Every Friday night girls are arrive at Chabad before Shabbat to kindle the Shabbat candles with Nechama and through out the week students stop by the office to put on Teffilin with Rabbi Shlomo.