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Jewish Awareness Tables

"Chanukah! OMG is tonight Chanukah? The last night?"  "I'm so glad you're here, I had no idea what I was going to do for Seder"  - "Rosh Hashana is in a week! It's so early this year!"

These are the typical comments we hear at our Jewish Awareness tables. Things are busy, Vanderbilt doesn't follow the Jewish calander and there are always tests, quizzes and papers vying for attention. That's why before every Holiday, Chabad sets up creative tables, with cool treats or games to bring Jewish Holiday awareness to Vanderbilt.

We set up apple dipping stations all over campus before Rosh Hashana so students could make their own caramel apples and get information about services and dinners. We held  Chanukah parties with hot latkes, gelt and plenty of menorahs for students to light their own; that lasted until 3 in the morning both in the Commons Center and Branscomb Lobby. We gave out 1,000 Hamantashen all over campus for Purim, and held Matzo madness tables for Passover.

Thank G‑d we regularly reach HUNDREDS of Jewish students this way and also bring awareness and education to the hundreds of non-Jewish students who stop by and enjoy our tables. These are important events for the entire Vanderbilt community.