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Sukkot is the festival of joy and Chabad brings that joy to Vanderbilt. This past year Chabad hosted  Sushi in the Sukkah the first night of Sukkot, 50 students came out to celebrate by making Kiddush and eating in the Sukkah. It was a great scene, people crowded around and in to the Sukkah, making blessing, rolling their own sushi, socializing and enjoying being Jewish. Chabad also hosted, Soup in the sukkah, Shabbat and a Grad night in the sukkah.

During the day Chabad walked around Campus with the Lulav and Etrog to give Jewish students the chance to perform these very significant Mitzvot. Chabad even set up a Sukkah on Rand Terrace to bring the joy of the Holiday to the center of Vanderbilt.


This is the Jewish dance party of the year. Dozens of students join Chabad every year for some crazy Jewish dancing with the Torah. This Holiday celebrates the essential bond we have with Judaism and the joy associated with that is infinite. It's actually a very deep holiday and as one student put it "I can't believe I had so much fun!"