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Yom Kippur

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There are 2 ways to observe Yom kippur. You can close you eyes, clench your fists and try to hold out till Break-fast or understand the beauty and meaning of the day and actually enjoy it and feel uplifted.

At Chabad we choose the latter. Every year students are amazed at how special Yom Kippur is. They actually enjoy, feel and appreciate the service and holiday and for many that's a first!

Through out the service Rabbi Shlomo shares stories and insights to lend meaning to the prayers, students take turns reading out loud, new songs are taught, familiar ones sung and guidance is provided so no one gets lost.

Before Yom kippur there is a full dinner so you can fill up as much as possible before the fast and after Yom Kippur we have our legendary "Big New York Break-Fast", with fresh bagels, nova lox, cream cheese, shmeers, salads, fruit, cakes and juices. It's a sight to behold (and taste)!

High Holidays by Ian Konsker, 2012
Coming from New York City, I am used to a fairly large but close-knit Jewish community. On the high holy days, I would always see friends and family at synagouge. I wondered what it would be like without them for the first time in my life. The experience I had at the Chabad service was not what I had expected.
Yizkor The service was energetic. The energy seemed to flow between Rabbi Rothstein and the congregation. Conveniently set up in the Commons center, the service was accesable and inviting to a freshman. Everyone was accepted into this congregation whether they had been there before or not. By the end of my first service I had gotten to know the different people in attendance. I had that same close-knit feeling I had back at home. It was amazing and truly allowed me to feel like I was part of the service. In the end, the Chabad services weren't what I was expecting, they were better.

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