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Chabad has inspiring, exciting and uplifting services that are user friendly and dinners and lunches that are incredibly delicious. Services include Hebrew, English, songs, stories and explanations to help everyone connect and experience. Dinners and and lunches are home cooked sumptuous feasts with different types of meats, challah, salads soups, sides and desserts. The energy and spirit is incredible;Rosh Hashana at Chabad is truly the best start to a happy, sweet new year.

High Holidays at Vanderbilt - by Michael Gaspar
Despite the growing Jewish population, the majority of Jews on campus have very little exposure to Judaism. I know this because I was that prototypical “high holiday Jew.” However, when I started going to Chabad, my whole attitude towards the holidays changed. As soon as you enter a Chabad service, there is an overwhelming sense of spirituality in the room. For the first time in years, I was able to experience a true feeling of kavanah through prayer. At Simchas Torah this year, an incredible energy lifted the room to their feet and everyone was dancing together in celebration. I witnessed even the most reserved of freshman dancing with the Torah in the center of our circle with a grin that stretched across his face from ear to ear. At Chabad, Vandy students have available a more intimate setting that makes them feel like they are each a vital asset to the service’s success. I can say that by going to Chabad for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Simchas Torah, I obtained a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for my religion. The intimacy of services along with Rabbi Shlomo’s unique ability to spark excitement about Judaism creates a ruach unmatched anywhere else.

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