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Matzah Ball Soup

There's nothing that says home and family like a hot bowl of Matzoh ball soup. Every Monday night the Chabad soup club brings a huge pot of soup to the Commons Center to spread the warmth and love. Between 50-100 students stop by to chat, catch up on upcoming Chabad activities, meet other students and enjoy a steaming bowl of delicious matzoh ball soup.


Matza Ball Mondays - Allysa Greenstein 
Matzah Ball Soup Monday is always the highlight of my week. The soups great, it’s a fun atmosphere, and we always have an amazing crowd at the commons. Every Monday I look forward to cooking the soup with a few helpers at the Chabad house. After cooking for 6 hours, the soup tastes delicious. Even upperclassmen come all the way to the commons for a bowl! I love serving the soup there since it gives freshman a sense of a Jewish community at Vanderbilt. It’s a great way for students to take a study break, hang out with some Jews on campus, and learn about different upcoming Chabad events. Having hot, homemade, delicious and free Matzah Ball Soup on a Monday night is a great way to start the week off right!