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Sinai Scholars is an exclusive society comprised of 20 students who committ to 8 weekly classes and discussions through out a semester, exploring the foundations of Judaism and there application today. It's an incredible way to to meet other Jewish students, engage in deep, thought provoking conversation and discover the incredible treasure within Judaism.

Sinai Scholars at Vandy-Claudia Fisher
This past semester, Vanderbilt Chabad brought a new organization to
our campus that provided an outlet for Jewish exploration and education. Sinai Scholars Society is a prominent organization on college campuses nation wide. Our group of 20 students met in a weekly class, shared a group Shabbat dinner, a festive Chanukah celebration, and concluded with a Graduation Banquet.  As a group, we learned the deeper meanings behind the Ten Commandments and to challenge our own understanding by listening to the opinions of others. With the help of our peers, we explored not only the literal Jewish texts, but also the foundations of our beliefs. “It’s rare at Vanderbilt,” says Adrianne Eyman, Senior, “to be in a room where you look around, and everyone is Jewish. It’s comforting to be able to share that with everyone while you’re learning.”  The first semester of Vanderbilt’s Sinai Scholars was a success, and now we look to the future for the continuation of this organization as an integral aspect of Jewish learning offered on our university’s campus

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